Training Timetable

Day Activity Start time Finish
Monday Training* 10.30 am 11.30 am
Monday Training   7.00 pm   8.00 pm
Thursday Training   7.00 pm   8.00 pm
Saturday Training  8.30 am  9.30 am

General Training Information

Training is held at  Beatty Park Leisure Centre, Vincent Street, North Perth where we have dedicated lanes for our training sessions.

The club has a team of accredited coaches who volunteer their time on a rostered basis. Their programs are aligned to the Masters Swimming WA calendar. Many of our swimmers enjoy competing in Open Water Swim events as well as the pool events.

Our swimming timetable is designed to provide a variety of swimming opportunities. Coached training sessions to improve general fitness and swimming technique are on Monday and Thursday evenings from 7-8pm. We have an informal Saturday training program from 8.30am to 9.30am, followed by coffee. There are also random, but regular swims organised by dedicated club members for those keen to propel their fitness into the stratosphere.

The club also has an excellent coached daytime training program on a Monday morning from 10:30-11:30am, followed by coffee and a social gathering in the foyer.

Training Etiquette in a Masters Squad

  • Equip yourself and bring it all along to training.  Compulsory items include, flippers, pool buoy and kickboard. Optional extra’s could include paddles, pacer and swimmers snorkel.
  • Once the first person in your lane has finished the warm up – everyone else must stop the next time they reach the starting point and be ready to start Main set.
  • If you are late, you don’t catch up on the warm-up metres lost, you simply take the Main set a bit easier at the start.
  • If you generally train faster than someone, go in front.  Be careful not to underestimate the benefits of drafting.  There is nothing more annoying than having someone on your feet so close that it makes tumbling difficult.  It is not rude to go in front of someone who you believe trains slower than you and nor is it offensive if someone asks to go in front of you.
  • Leave 5 seconds between swimmers, no less, no more unless doing a time trial as directed by your coach who will want to mitigate the impact of drafting by setting the interval at 10 seconds.
  • Swimmers should endeavour to move off to the right hand side of the lane after each repeat swim, allowing the other swimmers to finish into the wall and complete a full lap.  This becomes tricky when intervals are short and lane has more than 4 or 5 swimmers.  Common sense is required so that lead swimmer is not hampered in their take off and arriving swimmers can still do a full lap.  After three or four swimmers, the queue should then be formed on the left hand land rope.
  • In Australia, we go up on the left, down on the left ie the rope is closest to your left arm at all times (unless you are doing backstroke).