Membership Fees

Membership allows you to use our booked lanes and join us in our coached training sessions and aerobic (distance) swims. Your fee registers you with Masters Swimming Australia and includes insurance.

Free trial enables you to come along for a maximum of four coached sessions before you need to join up.

6 Month Membership

2023 Fees are $130. This membership runs from July through to the end of December.

12  Month Membership

2023 fees are $210 per annum.

16  Month Membership

2023/24 Fees are $275. This membership runs from  1 September through to December of the following year.

Why Become a Member?

The club can offer you a pathway to new friends, fitness and fun, but to reap these benefits you do have to get involved. Involvement can be through helping to run the club, time keeping or just cheering on your fellow teammates. Many new swimmers have surprised themselves by their improvement with encouragement from other members.

The club has one of the highest levels of participation in the State for Masters events, and it achieves this through members competing at Interclub Carnivals and in State swims.

Competition is primarily against yourself, aimed at improving your times through training and technique. When competing in carnivals, you swim in events you select against people with similar times. Points are allocated for all competitors who finish the event with extra points for fastest swimmers. These points are tallied for competitors’ Clubs with the winning Club being those with the most points.