Club Awards

Beatty Park Masters Swimming club has several awards that recognise the performance and contribution of club members over the year.

Club Person of the Year:
Nominations received from members and chosen by club committee

Swimmer of the Year:
Chosen by the coaches

Club Captains award:
Awarded to a new member for their contribution the Club.

Open Water Swim Award

The OWS Trophy will be awarded to the person with the most points at the end of the Open Water Swim (OWS) season.

Points are calculated by the following method:  At the beginning of each OWS season a sub committee will choose the nominated OWS events when points can be gained.

Points Awarded for Each Event      These are calculated as shown below:
Finishing an event = 10 points
The single seconds of your official finish time = bonus points
For example
Event 1
Swum in a time of 32.29min

    • finishing the event = 10 points
    • 9 seconds = 9 points  TOTAL = 19 points

Event 2
Swum in a time of 32.10 min

    • Finishing the event = 10 points
    • 0 Seconds = 0 points       Total = 10 points

These examples show the highest and lowest scores achievable

Your season score will be the total of the 6 highest scoring events from the nominated list of events. Members need only do one event to be on the score sheet.
This method has been selected because it:
-Enables members to be able to be in the running by doing a few events – in fact, even a participant that does less may achieve high scoring points if they are lucky
-Rewards members that do more than 6 events by providing them with more chances to submit best points, but the randomness of the seconds provides an element of luck that means the playing field is evened out somewhat
-Encourages members to participate in more events so that they have more chance at achieving a higher score
-Is a method of scoring that is random and encourages participation for all members, and gives all members, regardless of their level of swimming ability, a chance of winning
-The current Open Water Swim Calender is available through Masters Swimming WA and follow the links.

The John Hull Award

This award with Jan Hull’s support will recognise some of the attributes that John brought to the Club. In particular giving carnivals and club nights his maximum effort and involvement despite being unlikely to be a club champion swimmer.

The point scoring system is designed to reward participation in training and carnivals. It however has a certain random luck element that means swimmers of all abilities will have an equal chance of winning in a similar way to the OWS Trophy which is being keenly contested by swimmers of all speeds and ages.

Points can be earned in three ways over the entire year.

Firstly in the 100m Freestyle event at the first Monday morning and training night each month with the 1/100th (onehundredth) of a second time you get and secondly in each individual event a person enters at an official club carnival and State Championships.

Some examples are shown below.

A:  At the first training session of each month a persons 100 metre freestyle time scoring their 1/100ths of a second.

  • i.e. a swim of 45.89 seconds gets 89 points,
  • 28.05 seconds gets 5 points
  • 1minute 2.56 seconds gets 56 points

In a full season from February to November a person could score if very lucky 990 points.

B:   Official Carnivals Beatty Park is entered for.

Total of your 100th seconds for the max three events you enter (not relays)

  • i.e. 50 FS = 39.55                              55pts
  • 100BK = 3 min 45.25 secs               25pts
  • 100BS = 4min 25.40secs                 40pts
  • eg   Total                             120pts
  • Max  possible =               297 pts per carnival ie 99 points per race

C:    State Championships offers a bonus of up to 6 events ie a max of 594 points

This scoring system is reasonably simple and encourages participation plus an element of luck to give all a chance.

This award will run from February until end of November.